Louis Zamperini.

After Laura Hillenbrand’s 2010 best seller, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption which inspired Angelina Jolie to bring the story to the big screen, I wonder if there is anyone who doesn’t know Louis’ story.

What a wonderful, inspiring, painful story it is. Review has brought viewers the DVD of the movie, but even better, they’ve also included over 90 minutes of bonus content on the life of Louie Zamperini in their new product, Unbroken Legacy of Faith Edition ($19.97).

About the Movie Unbroken

If you do not know his story, Unbroken can be difficult to watch.  (Even if you do know his story it can be tough to see the action live on the screen.)  Zamperini lived an amazing life.  On the fast path to juvenile delinquency when he was young, Louie’s older brother trained him to run on the track team.  Louie had a natural knack, and he even went to the 1936 Olympics.  Thanks to his fast sprint at the end of his Olympic race, Hitler asked to meet Louie.

Louie volunteered to serve in World War II where he survived many near death experiences, including spending 47 days at sea on a life raft after his plane crashed.

Yet, that was just the beginning of Louie’s story.  His real test of strength came when he entered a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

The book Unbroken was amazing to read.  (You can read my book review here.)  But the movie, wow!  I’ve never been so impressed with Angelina Jolie’s work before!  From the moment the movie starts I was on the edge of my seat even though I already knew the story.

About Unbroken The Legacy of Faith

Many Christians who saw the movie Unbroken were disappointed that much of Louie’s religious life was excluded from the film.  Of course, the film does show him praying, and the concluding words after the film is over talk about Louie meeting Billy Graham and finding God.  Still, for those who would like more, the Bonus DVD is just what you’re looking for.

The DVD contains four sections.

Coming Full Circle.  This is Louie’s 15 minute exclusive CBN interview in which he shares the highlights of his life.  Zamperini is a bit younger in this interview than in his other ones, so it’s nice to see him in a different stage of life.  The last 25% of this interview is when Louie reflects on his religious beliefs.

Faith Lesson.  This 3.5 minute clip shows shots of the movie along with brief appearances on screen with Angelina Jolie and Louie.  While the shots of the movie play, Angelina Jolie and Louie’s voices play over explaining his story and the movie.

Captured by Grace.  This inspirational message was created by The Billy Graham Evangelical Association.  Louie recounts key moments of his life and in the end, he takes a visit to the Billy Graham Library where there is a recreation of Graham’s location in Los Angeles where Louie was saved so many years ago.

Louie & Laurie.  In this  nearly one hour long interview, Pastor Greg Laurie interviews Louie Zamperini.  What I loved about this interview is that Louie had a chance to show his humor.  Even though what he was discussing was very serious, he was able to bring laughter to me and the live audience.

My Experience with Unbroken Legacy of Faith Edition

I saw the movie in the theater when my mom was visiting in December, but my husband missed it because he had to watch the kids.  We were both excited to get this review.  As luck would have it, the Unbroken Legacy of Faith Edition came when my mom was visiting again, so the three of us watched the movie.  Neither my mom nor I minded watching the movie again, and my husband really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we watched the interviews together.

My Thoughts on the Unbroken Legacy of Faith Edition

I loved the book, the movie, and the interviews that compiled to supplement the movie DVD.

But, only the book goes on to say what happens to Louie AFTER he finds God.

The bonus content includes is very good.  I loved seeing Louie being interviewed and hearing his story in person.  However, he finds God at age 32, and he lived to 97.  There is a 65 year window there, and I want to know what happens to him in those years.  How did he go on to honor God and help others?

Thanks to the book, I do know the answer to this, but my husband, who watched the movie and bonus content but did not read the book felt that this material was essential to Louie’s story and should have been included.

I also would have liked to have known more about Louie’s pilot in the war, Phil.  This would have been an interesting contrast to show since Phil was already a devout Christian during World War II.

Overall, I would highly recommend DVD of the movie and bonus content, especially for those who would like to know more about Louie’s conversion to faith.

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