Bookworm never got into video games, for which I’m grateful.  However, he does really enjoy learning games on the computer, so when we had the chance to review either (or both) Mayan Mysteries or Roman Town by Dig-It! Games, he excitedly asked to review both.

He thoroughly enjoyed both games, and I was impressed with how much he learned!

Mayan Mysteries

Dig It! Games Review

Both Mayan Mysteries and Roman Town follow Charlie and Fiona, twins who help their Uncle Alex solve mysteries.  Specifically, they are searching for a person, Ladrone, who is stealing artifacts.  By interviewing people and completing activities, the “detectives” gather clues to solve the mystery.

The main topics Mayan Mysteries covers are The Maya, Sites, Calendar, and Math.  This game is geared toward children 11 and older and is played on your computer or tablet (excluding iPads) online.

When you login, you can choose to start a new game or to resume the game you were previously playing.

MayanMysteries3IMG_6039While playing, you will see people with exclamation marks over their heads.  Click on one of the people and there will be a short introduction to the game you’re about to play.  Then, click “Yes” to play the game or “Later” to play later.

MayanMysteries4IMG_6039For instance, one of the men explained that the Mayan people frequently traded goods, so it’s exciting for archaeologists when they find goods from other areas that they can learn about.

MayanMysteries5IMG_6039While playing the game, students are also learning a great deal.  In the example just given, the game explains that artistic styles of clothing vary, so the stylistic design of clothing can help archaeologists identify where the artifact is from.

MayanMysteries6IMG_6039Students get points for doing activities successfully.  For instance, in the excavation game, they get points for uncovering artifacts, while they lose points if they use a tool that’s too big to excavate that particular artifact and ruin it.

During the readings, some words or phrases are underlined.  If you click on those links, you’ll be directed to another paragraph or two that explains the term.  You could go into quite a deep rabbit hole following all of the links.


Mayan Mysteries also teaches students about geography–they have to label different spots on the map for cities, locations, crops, etc.


Roman Town

Dig It! Games Review
The basic premise of Roman Town is much like Mayan Mysteries.  However, you choose to be one of the twins in Roman Town, but not in Mayan Mysteries.  (Throughout the game you can switch which twin you are.)  In addition, Roman Town is geared toward kids ages 7 and older and is an app, so it’s played on a device that is iOS 8.0 or later.

Activities in this game help kids learn Roman numerals and Roman history, among other things.

Dig It! Games Review
One game you can play is Calculi, which my son equates to Connect 4, except you need to get 6 circles in a row.

Dig It! Games Review
Another favorite game was one that used logic and math.  Kids have to figure out the correct sequence of numbers.

Dig It! Games Review

How We Used the Games

My son played these games several times a week.  He could do so completely independently; the program was very easy and intuitive to navigate.

He liked both games, but he liked Roman Town because he is more interested in the Romans than the Mayans.  I had a preference to Mayan Mysteries because there was SO much information for kids to learn.  Either way, whichever game you choose, there is plenty of fun to be had and information to learn.

What We Liked about the Games

We loved everything about the games.  I’m sure that Bookworm will continue playing after this review period is over.  I really appreciated the insight into other cultures that the games gave.

These games could easily supplement many classes homeschool or traditionally schooled students may have.

What We Disliked about the Games

There really wasn’t much that either of us disliked about the game.  Both games played music in the background, which added atmosphere, but it was also distracting.  Luckily, there were usually no other audio requirements to the game, so we simply muted the sound when Bookworm played.

I was one of 65 people to review these games.  To read more reviews, click on the link below:

Dig-It! Games Review
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