CTC Math Review
It’s no secret that Bookworm isn’t a big math fan.  So, when we had the opportunity to review CTC Math and use their 12 Month Family Plan, I jumped on the chance.

What Is CTC Math?

CTC Math is an online math tutorial program for grades kindergarten through 12th.  Each lesson first includes a 4 to 9 minute video tutorial explaining the concept.  The teacher is Pat Murray, a teacher since 1989 and a dad to 10 kids!

The kids and I are familiar with his voice now, but he never appeared on screen for the lessons we used.  Instead cute cartoon graphics were used to demonstrate some of the lessons.

After the video tutorial, kids can answer questions, which help determine how well they understood the lessons.  After they answer the questions, they are given a percentage score.

CTC Math has 1,400 tutorials across all grades.  Students are free to move throughout the program, going down to lower levels, if need be.  For instance, just recently I discovered that Bookworm was falling further and further behind in math.  I simply had him go back in CTC Math and review concepts from last year.

Our Experience with CTC Math

I had signed up for the review primarily for Bookworm, who is in 4th grade, but he ended up having a bit of a math crisis during this time and we suddenly switched textbooks, so he didn’t use CTC Math as much as I thought he would.  (Now that he’s settled in with his new math curriculum, though, I plan to have him use this program daily to strengthen his math skills.)

During our review period, Cuddle Bug (4) and PB & J Girl (5.5) used CTC Math more extensively.  The lessons were clear and easy to understand.  Although CTC Math is based in Australia and Pat Murray has an Australian accent, my girls were not phased by it at all.

The parent can go in as the teacher and set standards for their children.  For instance, I didn’t let my kids move on to the next lesson unless they earned 90% or better on the questions.  For PB & J Girl, that meant she had to repeat some lessons, sometimes multiple times.  She repeated the lesson for numbers up to 20 three times.  However, when she finally got better than 90%, she was so proud of herself, and I know she learned the material through repetition.

PB & J Girl likes math, and she enjoyed this program.  The only difficulty we had is that she is still learning to read, so some lessons were difficult for her because she couldn’t read yet.  There was one lesson, numbers as words, that she couldn’t do because she couldn’t read the words, and that frustrated her a great deal.

Cuddle Bug also used the program, but she is a bit below the appropriate age range, so she didn’t get quite as much out of it as PB & J Girl.

Other Things to Know About CTC Math

CTC Math is not meant to be a full math curriculum.  It’s meant to be, as the site says, “Your Online Math Tutor.”

What I also loved about the program is that it automatically sends you weekly reports on your children’s progress.  I could see at a glance what work each child did as well as what scores they received.  This would be especially important for parents of middle school and high school students who would work in CTC Math independently.

How Much Does CTC Math Cost?

CTC Math Review
If you’re interested in using CTC Math, they are currently having a sale for homeschoolers.  A monthly membership for one student is $11.97 per month.  A 12 month subscription for one child is $78.80.  A monthly membership for two or more children is $15.97 per month.  A 12 month subscription for two or more children is $118.80.

We enjoyed CTC Math and will continue to use it throughout the year.  If your kids need a math review or if they love math, you’ll likely want to give CTC Math a try.  CTC Math makes it easy by offering a free trial of the program.

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