ARTisticPursuitsI am not artsy at all.  My college roommate was a wonderful artist, though.  I loved going to the studio with her and watching her create beautiful portraits and paintings.  Watching her work and seeing something come alive under her skilled hands was like magic.  I wish I had her talent.

ARTistic Pursuits Review
My kids like art, but it is PB & J in particular who loves, loves, loves art.  When I got the chance to review ARTistic Pursuits‘  book, Early Elementary K-3 Book 1: An Introduction to Visual Arts ($47.95), I happily said yes.

Last year, we had the privilege of reviewing ARTistic Pursuits’ book, The Way They See It, for preschoolers, and PB & J Girl and Cuddle Bug really enjoyed it.   In fact, we were so impressed with ARTistic Pursuits then (and continue to be now), that we bought a different ARTistic Pursuits book for my son (who is in 5th grade) to use this year.

About ARTistic Pursuits

ARTistic Pursuits books are written especially for homeschool and independent study students.  The books go all the way from the preschool level through high school, so you could theoretically use this program throughout your child’s education.  Even better, they’re not consumable, so you can reuse them with each of your children.

ARTistic Pursuits Review
The books that we’ve reviewed thus far cover both art appreciation and hands on activities.  (Note, the Early Elementary K-3 Book 1: An Introduction to Visual Arts is NOT a how-to draw/paint, etc. course.  Instead, students are encouraged to use their imaginations and create their own work.)

Our book had 36 lessons.  It is recommended that this book be used twice a week, which is what we did.

How We Used ARTistic Pursuits

We reviewed this book for six weeks.  During that time, we covered the first several chapters.  We loved it!

The first lesson was “Artists Compose.”  There was an introductory page, talking about the different things artists do like dance, paint, play music, etc.  Then there was a picture by Pieter De Hooch that we looked at and discussed together.  That was the first lesson of week one.  The second lesson for week one asked the kids to compose by painting a picture of anything they saw.  ???????????????????????????????PB & J Girl drew a picture of our kitchen table complete with our window and the sun shining outside.  The rainbow and star were a bit of extra embellishment.

???????????????????????????????For this lesson, the girls used watercolor crayons, which I had never heard of before.  What a great invention!  The girls colored the picture like they were coloring with crayons, but then they used a wet paint brush to go over the picture and it became a painting.  Wow!  So cool.  The girls had fun with it, and I enjoyed that it wasn’t messy.

Chapter Two was “Artists Imagine,” and the assignment was for the girls to think of a time that they enjoyed and paint it.  ???????????????????????????????(Cuddle Bug painted her fourth birthday.  She dressed herself as a princess, and you can see the cake and presents around her.)

Lesson Three was “Artists Look,” and the assignment was for the girls to find an object in nature and draw it.  PB & J Girl couldn’t limit herself to just one object, so she filled her page with objects.  I didn’t worry about it too much though, because she was still getting the experience of drawing objects.

For the assignments that the girls completed, they used watercolor crayons and ebony pencils.  Other projects in this book require supplies like clay and tissue paper.

If you have limited funds for the art supplies, ARTistic Pursuits breaks down the supplies by four groups and tells you what lessons use which group of supplies.  That way, you can buy all of the supplies for group one and do all of the lessons using those supplies.  Then, later you can buy materials for group two supplies, etc. rather than buying all of the materials at once.

We love ARTistic Pursuits.  This program is a great way to bring an often neglected subject into our homeschool.

I was one of 100 people to review a variety of ARTistic Pursuits books.  For more reviews, click on the banner below.



ARTistic Pursuits Review

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