Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review
One of the reasons that we love homeschooling is for the scheduling flexibility.  My husband travels for conferences for work at least once a year, and the kids and I love to tag along.  In the last few years, we’ve had the opportunity to follow my husband to conferences in Boston, Washington D.C., Alexandria, VA, San Antonio, and Atlanta, just to name a few.  What a great way to bring history and culture alive for kids!

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review
Later this fall, when we travel again, we’ll have another homeschool resource to utilize:  Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal.

I love Apologia Educational Ministries‘ quality educational products, and they don’t disappoint with the Field Trip Journal.

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About the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal

The journal has many pages in which the child can write notes and document their field trips.  However, this book is so much more than just that!

Preparing for Field Trips

???????????????????????????????On pages 4 and 5 there are detailed instructions about how to prepare for a field trip like doing some research beforehand or even taking a virtual field trip so you’re familiar with the site before you see it in person.

Finding Field Trips to Take

Pages 6 and 7 give a list of suggested field trips for all ages and interests and include such suggestions as going to a state or county fair, dig a deep hole (to learn about the earth), visit City Hall, go to a paper mill, eat at a local ethnic restaurant, etc.

One of the best resources in the whole book is on page 6.  There is a book extra link that takes you to many links that suggest field trips in your area.  Did you know that PETCO offers field trips?  I also found out that our local grocery store offers field trips to teach kids about healthy eating.

There are so many links to go to that give you ideas for simple, local field trips to more extensive field trips.  You can find ideas no matter what state you’re in or what state you’re traveling in.  This book extra is fabulous!!

Sections of the Book

Besides the sections already mentioned, the book also includes these sections:

  • Places I’ve Explored,
  • Field Trip Pages,
  • Specific Trip,
  • My Special Spot,
  • As I See It

Just a note about the last two sections.

My Special Spot is great for those who follow Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy or just want their kids immersed in nature.  Four times a year, fall, winter, spring and summer, kids go out to their special spot (where ever that may be), and take notes about what it looks like, what the temperature is, how much rainfall there is, etc.  The idea is that we often miss the world around us because we’re so busy.  It’s important to slow down and just observe and be.

???????????????????????????????As I See It is a place where children can document their experiences creatively by coloring, drawing pictures, etc.  Some pages have suggestions like “movement” or “reflections & shadows, patterns, textures & colors.”  Others are just blank.  I see these pages as a great way for kids to get in the habit of keeping an art journal and both drawing and writing what they’ve experienced, though, of course, you’re child can use them however they want.

Our Experience Using Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal

???????????????????????????????We went on a field trip to the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum, and Bookworm wrote down his experiences.  We thought that he should bring it with him and write as we went along, but that didn’t work.  Instead, he just enjoyed the field trip, and when he got home, he filled out the pages.

I love this journal because often you forget the little details of a field trip, but this journal can help you remember.  I intend to buy each of my children a field trip journal every year.  Then, they will have the books to look back on and see all of the neat places we had the opportunity to visit.

However, even if you don’t take a lot of field trips, you can benefit from this book.  You can go to local areas such as farmer’s markets, grocery stores, etc., and write about your experience.  You can also use this as a nature journal or a 4-H journal, etc.

My Thoughts on Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal

I love this book, as did Bookworm.  Every time we take a field trip, I plan to have him write about it.  We’ll keep one for each year he’s in school, as we will for Cuddle Bug & PB & J Girl.  What a neat way to keep memories!

The only negative I found was that one of the suggested field trip links in the book extras section was broken.  That’s it.

I was one of 100 people to review this book.  To hear what others had to say, click on the link below:

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

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