Since our income is cut drastically in the summer, my husband and I decided it is time for another no spending month. We did one last June (read about it here). Like last year, we will set our budget at $500 for spending, groceries, gas, miscellaneous, entertainment, etc. Only unlike last year when we went $90 over, I intend to come in below the $500 mark.

Since I just completed several freezer meals (I’ll write about that tomorrow) and we just purchased a year’s worth of beef, I am confident the grocery aspect should not be too difficult. One anticipated expense is my son’s birthday. We have most of his presents, but I still need to buy one, and he will probably want a party at school that we will need to pay for. There is also Father’s Day and my mom coming to visit later in the month.

I’ll post back every week on our progress. Would you care to join us and have your own no spending month?

First 7 Days $134
Days 8-14 $115

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