100_3053bIt’s been a long time since I’ve had a freezer cooking session.  Why?

Well, when our CSA was abundant, I froze plenty of meals, so whenever we’re in a pinch time wise, we’ve been eating those.  Also, to be honest, most of my love of freezer cooking diminished when I got busier with freelance work and couldn’t eat very many different foods.

However, now that I’m almost out of freezer meals, I’m seeing that I really do need them.  Funny how running out of something makes you appreciate it!

I’m not going to power through a freezer cooking session like I used to mainly because I don’t have the weekend to devote to it.  I need to do my freelance work on the weekend.  However, over the next few days, I’m going to devote an hour or two to making freezer meals.  I’m also going to use my new favorite strategy, doubling a recipe and putting it in the slow cooker.

Here are the meals I’m planning to make:

Southwestern Soup x2

Lighter Meatloaf x3

Beef Taquitos

Crockpot Fat Free Refried Beans for the Freezer

GF DF Pancake Muffins

Beef N Tater Bites

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Black Bean Vegetarian Taco Filling

Quinoa Chili

Paleo Pancakes

I’ll give an update next week, after I’m done.  Meanwhile, if you have a favorite gluten free, dairy free meal that freezes well, I’d love to hear what it is as I’m still looking for recipes!

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