Last month I tried a new challenge, Where Does My Money Go?  It lasted about a week before LIFE took over.  I got a sinus infection and my two littlest ones were also sick.  Honestly, I don’t remember what happened for about 5 days as we were all miserable until the antibiotics kicked in.  I know quite a bit of money was spent on medicine and doctor’s appointments.  The challenge went by the wayside.

So, I know that some of you were interested in doing this challenge with me; I am bringing it back for June, and I intend to complete the entire month.

I plan to make this month a success by implementing two strategies.  First, I have been watching Til Debt Do Us Part, and I will utilize the money jars for the month.  (I’ll be putting up my budget tomorrow with a break down of what I will put in each jar.)  Second, I will ask for a receipt for every single purchase I make.  I will put those receipts in the jar, and once a week, on Thursdays, I will come here and report my progress.

So, once again, I ask, would you like to join me?  Are you frustrated that you don’t know exactly where all the money is going?  If so, join me and link up your progress weekly.

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