This post contains affiliate links.  I’ve found a new genre of books I like–time travel.  My all-time favorite genre is still World War II fiction and nonfiction, but time travel books are second.  It started with The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue (not quite time travel, but she lived a long time through many centuries) and then with Kindred.  I happened upon The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver by Shawn Inmon on Audible, and now I’m completely hooked on the genre.  Lucky for me, this book is the first in a 16-book time-traveling series.

About The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver by Shawn Inmon

Thomas Weaver is a fifty-something washed-up man who still lives with his mother.  He’s an alcoholic and has just lost his job when he decides to end it all.  Thomas Weaver commits suicide.  But he wakes up and finds himself in his boyhood home in his bed.  He’s fifteen years old and suddenly has to go about living the life of a high schooler.  Yet, he knows things about his classmates, the turns their lives will take, thanks to Facebook and living an additional thirty-something years past high school.  Can he change events to make his life, and others’, better?

My Thoughts on the Book

I LOVED this book.  It gave me so much to think about.  What if you could, like Thomas Weaver, go back in time.  What would you try to change?  How would you behave differently, especially when you get to be a kid again but with the maturity and understanding of a middle-aged person?

How much do your actions affect the future?  If you go back in time, how much will you alter history, and in what ways?

This was a thought-provoking book that kept me wondering what was next.  I highly recommend it.

I give The Unusual Second Life of Thomas Weaver by Shawn Inmon 5 out of 5 stars.

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