We are on a quest to eat healthier.  Thanks to being off gluten, dairy and soy, many of my meals are composed of protein and veggies.  I am also trying to eat organic, which means the grocery bill can add up quickly if I am not careful.

This spring, I carefully researched CSAs and my husband and I decided on CSA 1.  Our first delivery came this week, and well, it wasn’t quite what we were expecting.

We got strawberries, a bunch of radishes, beets, garlic scapes, a bag of mixed bitter greens, a bag of mustard and beet greens, chives, and a bunch of green onions.  To be sure, there were some tasty things there, but what we got was not enough to meet our veggie requirement for the week, especially when we have a 2 and 3 year old who aren’t quite sophisticated enough to enjoy beet greens (but they did try them and eat at least one bite!).

I have been going to a neighboring farmer’s market every Saturday morning, and there is one farm in particular that I have enjoyed.  Their cute little cucumbers are delicious, and my kids devour whatever I buy from that farm stand.  So, I ended my pantry challenge early and subscribed to CSA 2 this week.  On Saturday we got our first delivery, and it was a delight.

We received a head of lettuce, a container of small cherry tomatoes (so sweet and yummy!), a yellow pepper, a tomato, a bunch of beets, a bunch of radishes, 4 zucchini, and 6 cucumbers.  Best of all, my younger children will eat everything in this basket.

Between the 2 CSAs, I now have enough to meet our veggie requirement for the week.  CSA 1 will give us enough new to us produce that we can feel adventurous, while CSA 2 will give us yummy tried and true veggies that we know and love.

We have tried some yummy new dishes this week including garlic scape pesto.  Everyone except me ate this on toasted sourdough pieces.  We will also have it later this week with gluten free pasta.  Last night we had Beet Greens with Carmelized Onions, which my husband and I both enjoyed.  The kids, not so much, but like I said, the young ones at least ate a few bites and my older one ate his portion.

Are you subscribing to a CSA this year?  If so, how has your experience been?

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