After earning no money last week, I am happy to be earning money again.  This week I earned $78.87 for writing/advertising and $7 for one item that sold on eBay.

I have nearly 20 items on eBay to sell, and many of them have several watchers, but thus far no takers.  eBay has been very slow for me.  I am hoping as the weather gets nicer and people get their tax refunds I will sell the rest of my kids’ spring/summer clothes.

I should be glad it is slow though because I have several more items to list that I haven’t had time to put up yet.  Also, I have cloth diapers that my girls have outgrown that I need to list.

I have some baby items such as a bouncy seat and a baby swing that I am trying to sell on Craigslist, but thus far I am failing miserably.  If anyone is an experienced Craigslist seller, I would love some tips.  We could use the money and I would love to further declutter by getting rid of the big baby items.

This week’s earning bring my total savings for March’s expenses to $248.98.  I am going to have to step up this week so we will have enough to carry us through in March.

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