I didn’t earn anything this week.  I was out of town part of the week, so I didn’t have much time to work on income earning.  However, I have a few projects that I recently completed, so I know the money for those will be coming in in a few weeks.

 Our savings for May expenses remains at $387.10.

The good news is that my husband FINALLY got the long awaited contract.  He will sign it tomorrow and make an appointment to chat with someone in Human Resources.  We are both so glad he will have a full-time job this summer!  I am also in the midst of filling out the financial aid form for my son’s tuition.  (Seriously, the form seems nearly as complicated as I had to fill out for financial aid for college!)

Check out my other updates from The Saved Quarter Challenge:

My Goals for The Saved Quarter Challenge

Update #1, saved $204.60

Update #2, saved $48 a month

Update #3, saved $14 & bartered more

Update #4, saved $50.67

Update #5, earned $163.11

Update #6, No Progress!

Update #7, Earned $85.87

Update #8, Another Off Week

Update #9, Earned $124.92

Update #10, Earned $29

Update #11, Earned $10

Update #12, Earned $19.97

Update #13, Earned $269.10

Update #14, Earned $118.00

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