This week I earned $20.00 from writing/advertising and $98 from selling my kids’ spring/summer clothes on eBay.  Actually, I didn’t make nearly as much as I thought I would selling the kids’ clothes.  I think there were a few problems; first, I was too busy much of February and March to list the clothes for a 30 day fixed listing price, which would have allowed for a higher selling price.  Second, many of the clothes for sale were baby clothes 0-12 months, which aren’t usually good sellers.  Still, I am happy to have the clothes out of my house.  I have a few items that didn’t sell that I think I will put together in a big lot to sell in the next week or two.  I also still have baby items like a swing and bouncy seat to list on Craigslist.

This week’s earnings will go into savings for our May expenses bringing our total to $387.10.

Regarding my husband’s summer full-time job, we are STILL waiting on the contract, but we do now know how much he will be making; it should be about $300 more than he is making monthly now, so that will help us a bit.  He should see a bigger jump in pay in August, if he can get his Ph.D. completed.

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