I love the beginning of the month because that is when the bulk of my income comes in, and I feel like I am making progress.  This week I earned  $269.10 from writing/advertising.

This will go into savings for our May expenses.

I have 14 items listed on my eBay account, all of which are my kids’ outgrown clothes or items I bought for the kids but they never wore.  I plan to list about another dozen auctions this week, and then I will be all done selling my kids’ clothes until the fall.  Right now I don’t even care how much they bring in; I just want the clutter cleared, so I started all of the auctions with low beginning prices.

I mentioned last week that my husband may have a summer job.  We are quite confident now that he will be working full-time this summer (yeah!) in a position he is very interested in that will help train him for future work (yeah again!), but because the secretary was out part of the week last week, we are still waiting on the contract and still have no idea how much he will actually be paid.  Can’t wait to find out this week!

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