My goal for The Saved Quarter Challenge is not to let our savings account get below $12,000 during this time of low income.  (My husband is bringing in $1,750, leaving us with a deficit of -$1,060 each month.  To avoid dipping into savings my husband has advertised for tutoring jobs, though nothing has come of that yet, and I am employing a variety of techniquest to bring money into the house.  This is what we saved this week for next month’s expenses:

$29.60 from writing/advertising
$135.00 from writing/advertising
$40.00 from selling an old textbook and a baby outfit on eBay (this is the amount we earned after fees and shipping)
$204.60 TOTAL

We also had $80 leftover from January that we didn’t have to spend on January’s budget, so our total saved for February is $284.60 so far.

I have a lot more to sell on eBay, so I am trying to make listing those items a priority this week.   To read others’ progress or to join the challenge, make sure to visit The Saved Quarter.

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