For the first time since I started The Saved Quarter Challenge, I have made no progress.  I made no money this week.  That is both a bit depressing and scary.  I was expecting a payment, but it did not go through yet.  Also, several items on eBay have multiple watchers, but no bidders yet.

Most of last week was spent taking care of my little girls who were both sick and clingy, so I didn’t have much time to work on making money.  The girls are better now, so I hope to kick my progress into high gear and have a better report next week.  Meanwhile, we still  have the $163.11 from last week saved for March’s expenses.

Check out my other updates from The Saved Quarter Challenge:

My Goals for The Saved Quarter Challenge

Update #1, saved $204.60

Update #2, saved $48 a month

Update #3, saved $14 & bartered more

Update #4, saved $50.67

Update #5, earned $163.11

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