This week I earned $1,390, all of which was from staff writing, virtual assistant work and advertising.  That means for the entire month so far, I have earned $2,931.22, which I find mind-boggling!  When I had to make the decision to quit my job in June, I knew that if I stayed at the job, after daycare for two girls under 3, I would only be bringing home about $1,000 a month.  To see how far I have exceeded that income is amazing, especially because I get to work from home and take care of my kids during the day.  (Not to say that it is easy, but I am so glad for this opportunity!)

However, not all of that money gets set aside for February’s bill.  I immediately snowflaked the entire pay from one of my virtual assistant jobs, partial pay from another virtual assistant job and a large, year long advertising deal I closed. In addition, I had $294.30  in blog and PayPal expenses, so all told, between snowflaking and blog expenses, I deducted $1,132 from my earnings this week, leaving me $258 to put aside for February expenses for a grand total of $1,433.27.

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 The Saved Quarter Challenge, 2012, #1 – Earned $1541.22

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