Well, after several great weeks, this last week was quiet, and no progress was made.  However, we have several things in the works.  My husband begins his full-time job today, so we will see a little bump in income.  He is also working on applying for a grant that will fund his post-doc position, and he is wrapping up his dissertation with the hopes of sending it to all of his committee members by early June.  Finally, there seems to be a large ray of light at the end of this journey to his Ph.D.  We will both be so glad when we can enter a new phase of life.

In about 3 to 4 weeks, I will have to turn in my official resignation at work.  I have not made any money from my job in 2011, so I know we can survive without my paycheck, but it still is a bit scary to let go of the security of a full-time job.  I know this is for the best, and I am excited to finally cut the ties, but I do feel just a tiny bit of apprehension.

I have filed the necessary paperwork for my son’s school to apply for financial aid; the application has been processed, and I will hear in the next few weeks what we will be expected to pay next school year.  Whew!  June is looking like a busy month full of life changing events!

Thus far, I have $691.25 saved for June expenses, and there is still one more week left in May.  I may still make more progress this month.  At any rate, we will be very close to meeting all of our expenses for June without dipping into savings. Yeah!!

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