Those of you who follow on Facebook know that for the past several months I have been struggling with a continuous lack of sleep because my (almost now) 11 month old daughter was waking up several times a night EACH night.  Finally, a week ago she started sleeping through the night EVERY night.  It is wonderful to feel rested once again.  I can feel my productivity ramping up. 

I sold one outfit on eBay, so after fees, I earned approximately $10. 

I also earned $20 for writing/advertising.

This week’s $29 will be added to last week’s $124.92, giving up $153.92 saved for April.

Check out my other updates from The Saved Quarter Challenge:

My Goals for The Saved Quarter Challenge

Update #1, saved $204.60

Update #2, saved $48 a month

Update #3, saved $14 & bartered more

Update #4, saved $50.67

Update #5, earned $163.11

Update #6, No Progress!

Update #7, Earned $85.87

Update #8, Another Off Week

Update #9, Earned $124.92

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