On July 13th, I set a one year goal to challenge myself to spend no more for my family of 5 buying predominately organic food than the government states is the “thrifty” level of spending for our family, which is $156.30 a week.

This report covers our spending from August 25th to September 28th–5 weeks!  (I try to give the report every two weeks, but I got a bit behind when I went to the Financial Blogger Conference.)

This video is longer than that because it covers a longer period of time.  Watching it, I can’t believe the 5 of us eat that much, especially vegetables, in 5 weeks.  Beginning on September 15th, I went on my anti-yeast diet and was only allowed to eat meats, fish and veggies, which is why there is more meat and fish expenses than normal.

Our CSAs are going to wrap up next Tuesday, and I am not sure how we will adapt without them.  My new diet has me ramping up our vegetable consumption, and the CSAs were a nice way to keep those expenses in check.  I do have a freezer full of meals from our CSA extras, so a pantry challenge might be in order soon.

However, our meat CSA renewal is due in a few days, and the price jumped thanks to the drought and the increased expense of feeding the animals.  In addition, we are going to buy a 1/2 side of beef from my cousin in December, so our costs may jump soon.

Right now, six weeks into this project, I am below my target goal with a weekly average of $134.24 per week, putting me $22.06 under budget per week 11 weeks into the project.

I’ll be back two weeks from today with another update.

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