On July 13th, I set a one year goal to challenge myself to spend no more for my family of 5 buying predominately organic food than the government states is the “thrifty” level of spending for our family, which is $156.30 a week.

This report covers our spending from August 11th to August 24th.

One noticeable problem is the snack type items we bought at Costco–chips, pita bites, popcorn, crackers.  My kids like to eat these for snacks at school, but they added $30 to our grocery bill these last two weeks.  I think it is time to look into making some more homemade snack type food like granola bars.

The popcorn is the one I am really smacking my head about.  Yes, it did taste good and all of us could eat it because there was no dairy or soy, but I paid $4 or $5 for that one bag.  How much more popcorn would I get if I bought a bag and popped it myself?  That purchase was definitely impulse shopping gone bad.  (It usually does go bad, doesn’t it?)  The popcorn was offered as a sample.  My kids are little scavengers at Costco looking for product samples that don’t have dairy or soy so they can try them.  Popcorn fit the bill, and then I bought it.

Right now, six weeks into this project, I am below my target goal with a weekly average of $143.92 per week.

I’ll be back two weeks from today with another update.

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