This freezer cooking weekend went much smoother than last month’s.  I accomplished almost everything I wanted to, and the freezer is now stocked for the month.  This will be very important when we are visiting relatives.  I’ll have dairy free meals ready to eat.

Here is what we ended up with:

Tuscan Bean Soup x2

Sloppy Joes x2

Jack Daniel’s Burbon Chicken x2 (I hope we like this!  I am not a drinker, and the smell about knocked my socks off!)

Just Like Thanksgiving Chicken x2

Coke/BBQ Dump Chicken x3

Italian Pizza Rolls (12 individual ones)

Starbuck’s Mock Pumpkin Muffins (60 of these)

Banana Muffins (24 of these)

Nutty Yam Banana Bread (1 loaf divided in two)

Baked Beans x2

Macaroni & Cheese x3

Homemade French Fries x4

Peanut Energy Bars

Considering how crazy next week will be with my son’s dance recital and choir concert, I am loving that the freezer is stocked full of goodies!

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