I was lucky enough to attend the Financial Blogger Conference this past weekend.  I wouldn’t have been able to go except it was only 30 minutes from my home, making it cost-effective and worthwhile for me to attend.

Over the course of the weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting several online “friends” from Yakezie including Beating Broke, Jason at Live Real, Now, Wealth Informatics, Jana at Daily Money Shot, The Single Saver, Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, Amanda from Frugal Confessions, Barb from Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance and Andrew from Money Crashers.  It was great to personally meet many of those I work with so closely online.  There were many more I didn’t get to meet, so here is to hoping to meet them at FINCON 12. 

 I was so impressed with the speakers, especially Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You to Be Rich, JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly and Adam Baker from Man vs. Debt.  These four bloggers were energetic and engaging and helped me understand that I have a lot more to learn about blogging.  🙂  The most important point they drove home is that a blogger should keep in mind how they can help their readers.  In other words, bloggers should not be so ego-centric and instead focus more on their readers than themselves.  To that end, expect some changes, some big and some small, in this blog.  And if you have anything in particular that you would like to see me do more of on this blog, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Pat Flynn did a fun activity where he asked everyone in the audience to raise their arms as high as they could, which we all did.  He then asked us to raise them one inch further, and we were able to.  He then argued that we could all be doing just a little bit better and challenge ourselves a little bit more both as people and bloggers.

Ramit Sethi really emphasized the fact that blogs that are successful help people in some way.  No one really cares about what an amazing thing your cat did today or what you ate for lunch (at least not usually).  People read blogs to learn and to get help.

Honestly, I have not read his blog, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, before, but I have joined his e-mail list and will now read regularly.  He is right in that frugality can only take you so far; after that you must work on raising your income.  My husband and I are doing that now.  He is soon to start his post-doc position which should give him a raise of about $400 a month, and I am steadily working myself up to at least $1,000 income every month guaranteed.  But that is just a start.  I’ll continue to explore and develop ways to earn more and secure our financial position.

If you are a financial blogger and did not get to attend the Financial Blogger Conference, I highly recommend it for next year as it is hands down the best conference I have attended so far.