This post contains affiliate links.  Murder mysteries aren’t my normal genre, but last month, my book club picked The Dry by Jane Harper.  While I found it dry at times (see the pun there?!), I did love that it was set in Australia.

The Dry by Jane Harper Review

About The Dry by Jane Harper

Aaron Falk left his small Australian town with his father when he was just a teenager. The pair left in a hurry and haven’t been back.  The only person Aaron kept in contact with was his high school friend, Luke.

Aaron does come back to the town when tragedy strikes.  His friend Luke’s wife and son are both murdered.  Luke is also dead of a suspected suicide.  Did Luke kill his family? Or was Luke murdered, too, and set up to look like he was the killer?

Aaron, a police detective who researches white collar crime, agrees to go through Luke’s family’s paperwork to see if anything is amiss.  When the acting detective, Raco, includes Aaron in his investigation, Aaron soon finds himself deeply involved in the case of Luke and his wife and son’s murders.

As Aaron delves deeper into the investigation, he’s forced to face some of his own demons.

The book alternates between current events and the events of twenty years ago that resulted in Aaron and his father being run out of town.

My Thoughts on the Book

Overall, I liked the plot, but the book did drag some.  I felt that it could have been a bit shorter and the pace a bit faster.  As I mentioned, I enjoyed reading about the Australian setting and how the dry conditions affected so many people’s lives.

I give The Dry by Jane Harper 3.5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

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