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This post contains affiliate links.  I finished the third book in the Middle Falls Time Travel series, The Death and Life of Dominick Davidner, by Shawn Inmon.  I love this series, especially since this time, there were new time travel twists that weren’t in the first two books.

About The Death and Life of Dominick Davidner by Shawn Inmon

This book can stand alone, but it’s better if you listen to the first two books.  Dominick Davidner first surfaced in the second book in the series, The Redemption of Michael Hollister, when he became one of Michael’s friends at their military academy.

However, in the third book, Davidner’s life is flushed out.  When the book opens, he’s a 41-year-old teacher who is caught up in a school shooting.  When Davidner dies, he goes back in time to when he was nine years old.  He is desperate to see his wife again, but Davidner is in California, and his wife is in Wisconsin, where she grew up.  So, as soon as Davidner turns 18, he heads for Wisconsin to find his wife.

What follows is a fascinating journey that explores what happens if we meet our significant other years before or after we initially did.  How does the butterfly effect affect our life?

My Thoughts on the Book

Initially, I was not too fond of the book once Davidner went to the military academy.  Much of what occurs there Inmon already wrote about in The Redemption of Michael Hollister.  (I didn’t even like that section in the second book, and now I had to hear it again in the third book!)  Thankfully, that was only one small part of the third book.

I loved the book once Davidner headed out to find his wife.  This part of the book made me think about time travel in ways I hadn’t thought of before.  It also made me think of marriage and true love.  My husband and I listened to the book together on a road trip, and we had fun discussing how long we would search for one another if we ended up in Davidner’s situation.  We also talked about other times and places we could have met in a different life.  It was fun.

I give The Death and Life of Dominick Davidner by Shawn Inmon 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

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