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I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!  I’m planning to enjoy today with my family and finish up some of my end of the month work.  I NEVER step foot in a store on Black Friday.  I’ve been there, done that, and I’ll never do it again, but I do like to snag some deals online from the comfort of my home (maybe in my pajamas!).  However, I wanted to share the best Black Friday sales for Mom’s Plans’ readers here today.  I’m sharing four sales–two of them for homeschool, and two of them for home life.  All of these sales are for items I love, use, and write about regularly.

Homeschool Black Friday Sales has four fabulous sales running through December 2nd!
  • One:  Using the code SHARK get a yearly subscription Buy One Get One Free for $169
  • Two:  Using the code NEWYEAR19 get a yearly subscription for $90
  • Three:  Using the code LASTCHANCE get a quarterly subscription for $29.95
  • Four:  Using the code UNDERTEN get a monthly subscription for $9.95

If you’re not familiar with, it is a website that has homeschool curriculum for students from preschool to 12th grade as well as material for parents.  We’ve used the site for our art curriculum, and to watch Drive Thru History, and we’re using it this December for our Christmas activities and lessons.

This site just keeps growing, and I couldn’t be more delighted because it offers a very affordable way for families to homeschool their children.

Simplified Classes

Get 25% off the Watercolor for Kids or Simplified Watercolor Class using the code MELISSA25. Sale ends December 1st.

Simplified Classes Review and Discount Code

We just discovered Simplified Classes online art classes, and the girls couldn’t be more thrilled.  The girls have already completed about 1/3 of the lessons in the Watercolor for Kids course and are looking forward to doing more.

Watercolor for Kids Class

Bookworm and I are working our way through the Simplified Watercolor Class.  (Read my full review of both classes.)

Home Life Black Friday Sales

These are things I use or have used to make my life more organized, and well, more sane amidst all the chaos of a family.


Get 20% off a MyFreezEasy subscription between Friday, November 29 and Tuesday, December 3rd.  Use the code BFCM29

I love MyFreezEasy!  This website makes it easy to become a freezer cooking pro.  Simply pick your recipes, and MyFreezEasy will send you all of the recipe directions as well as a complete grocery list.  This fall, I made 40+ meals using MyFreezEasy, and we still have a few of them left in the freezer.  Having them has been such a time saver on busy nights.

MyFreezEasy Black Friday Sale

A monthly membership is $12, now on sale for $9.60.

A quarterly membership is $33, now on sale for $26.40

A yearly membership is $120, now on sale for $96.

If you’re not sure, try it out for a month.  Cancel if you don’t like it.

This subscription also makes a great gift!

Crystal Paine Products

Get 50% off all courses and ebooks by Crystal Paine, aka The Money Saving Mom. No code necessary

Crystal Paine has many high quality products, and they’re all on sale, but there are two that most impacted me.

4 Weeks to a More Productive Life Course

You may remember last year around this time I worked my way through her 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life course.  (You can look back to read my Week 1 recap as well as my Week 2 recap.)  Thanks to the course, I started getting up at 4:30 a.m. every morning to pray, exercise, and get some of my freelance work done.  I’m happy to report that one year later, I’m still getting up between 4 and 4:45 a.m. every morning (depending on what time I go to bed).  This course has been a game changer as far as my morning routine goes.  If you’re feeling stressed out and frazzled, I highly recommend this course.  Plus, Crystal is so motivating!!

Slash Your Grocery Bill

When I decided a few weeks ago to try to reduce our grocery bill by $100 to $200 a month, the first place I went was to Slash Your Grocery Bill.  I’m an experienced savvy shopper (I think), but I found new techniques in this book.  If you’d like to know more, read my full review.

Slash Your Grocery Bill

Final Thoughts

I hope you find value in these products, especially since you can buy them at a reduced price right now.  What must have deals are you purchasing this weekend?

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