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This year for our monthly read aloud post, I’ve decided to rank them as the best and the rest, so if you’re interested in reading any of these to your kids, you’ll know which ones are best to read first.  This month, we didn’t get in the normal amount of books and read alouds that we usually do because we were homebound with sickness for two weeks.  However, we still got in a respectable amount.  Here are the best (and worst) books for ages 8 to 12 {January 2020}:

Books We Read

We continue to read multiple books at the same time, and this month, since we were home so much, we finished three:

The Best Books

We had two favorites this month:

Michelangelo by Diane Stanley

The Best (and Worst) Books for Ages 8 to 12 {January 2020}

We loved Michelangelo!  In about 50 pages, Stanley writes about Michelangelo’s entire life.  What I loved about this book is that readers learn history within the context of Michelangelo’s life.

The Apprentice by Pilar Molina Llorente

The Best (and Worst) Read Aloud for Ages 8 to 12 {January 2020}

The Apprentice was our favorite book we read or listened to this month.  Arduino begins to apprentice with the Maestro, with hopes of one day being a famous artist himself.  However, he soon discovers that the Maestro has a secret, which is hidden in the attic.  When the Maestro becomes deathly ill, Arduino must make a choice–do the right thing or do the easy thing.

Other Books We Read

Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective by Donald J. Sobol

In Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective, Encyclopedia Brown helps his father, a police detective, solve a variety of crimes.  Brown is so good that he opens his own detective agency.  We had fun hearing the stories and then flipping to the back to see how Brown was able to solve the crimes.

Audios We Listened To

We listened to some fabulous audios this month:

The Best Audio Book

Night of the Twisters by Ivy Ruckman

Night of the Twisters is such a suspenseful book!  Dan and his best friend, Arthur, are preparing for a relaxing night of watching TV when a tornado warning begins.  Dan grabs his baby brother and runs for shelter, making it just in time!  Not only do he, his brother, and Arthur live through the tornado, but that night, their town had six more tornadoes!

This is based on real events.  On June 3, 1980, Grand Island was hit by 7 tornadoes!

This audio is approximately 2.75 hours long.

Other Audios We Listened To

Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm

The Best (and Worst) Read Alouds for Ages 8 to 12 {January 2020}

Turtle is an 11 year old spitfire.  In Turtle in Paradise, the year is 1935 and Turtle is shipped off to the Florida Keys to stay with her aunt because her mom has a job as a housekeeper, and the employer doesn’t want kids around.  Turtle has an exciting time in Florida and also learns some hard lessons about the men her mother always falls for.

This audio is approximately 3.75 hours long.

Eleven by Patricia Reilly Giff

Sam in Eleven is living a contented childhood when he sneaks into the attic and finds a newspaper clipping about himself, declaring that when he was a 3 year old, he was a missing child.  Suddenly, he wonders if his whole life has been a lie.  Are the people raising him really his kidnappers?  Sam, with the help of his friend, Caroline, discovers the truth and finds things aren’t always as they seem.

This audio is approximately 3.25 hours long.

Books read in 2020: 3

Audios listened to in 2020: 3

Total books read or listened to in 2020: 6

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