The month of June was eventful for us, which you likely already know if you follow me on Instagram.  I’m praising God that we had several near misses.

The Fire

In early June, I awoke to a pounding on our front door at 4 a.m.  I awoke my husband who went to the front door and found a police officer who instructed us to, as a precaution, leave our home because our next door neighbor’s home was on fire.

In our subdivision, houses are only five to six feet apart, so if the fire could not be contained, there was a good chance our house could also catch on fire because the fire was in the side of his house right next to ours.

Stumbling out of the house at 4 a.m. to a smoke filled street filled with fire trucks and police cars was surreal.  Thankfully, the fire was contained to our neighbor’s garage, and the firemen put it out fairly quickly.  Our house was fine, and his house had no fire damage beyond the garage, but his entire house had smoke damage.

The Car Accident

We’ve been driving 45 minutes one way to ABA for a year now, and in that time we’ve seen some horrible accidents.  People down there drive way too fast.  Seeing fender benders is a regular occurrence.  Our first month down there, we saw, just a block from the ABA center, a six car pile up at a traffic light.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen the aftermath of deadly crashes, too.  The worst one was when a car was turning left into the ABA center, right in front of a motorcycler.  The motorcycle hit the passenger front side of the car, and the motorcycle driver was killed.  We also saw the aftermath of a hit and run when an elderly woman was crossing the street with her walker and was hit and killed.

So, it’s really no surprise that a few weeks ago, while I was down at ABA and running errands, I was stopped at a red light and rear ended.  The force was enough to cause me to rear end the car in front of me, but thankfully, my van only had $1,400 worth of damage, and the van was fixed within a week.

I’m so thankful that these experiences were near brushes with tragedy, and not much worse, as they could have been.  One of my favorite priests always says, “God is good all the time.  All the time, God is good.”  I definitely felt that in June.

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