img_8257Now that our youngest is 6.5 years old, we’ve tried to get into a regular pattern of playing games as a family.  However, with children ranging from 12.5 to 6.5, finding a game that is fun for everyone can be a challenge.  Very few games seem to work for all of us–easy enough that the younger kids can play but challenging enough that our oldest enjoys them.  One that fit the bill perfectly was Tenzi game, especially when used in conjunction with the Tenzi card deck.

About Tenzi

Tenzi ($13.95) looks deceptively simple.  We received a tube filled with 40 dice.  There are 4 different colors for the dice (colors vary); each player chooses one color and uses the corresponding 10 dice.  The object of the game is to have all of the players start at the same time shaking their dice.  Then, you just keep shaking them until you get 10 of the same number.

While there is a little strategy to this game, it’s mostly luck.  Plus, it’s a very fast-paced game.  One game may take as little as two minutes or as many as six or seven minutes.  Be prepared for dice to roll every where.  While we initially started play at the kitchen table, we soon moved to the living room floor where the dice could roll freely.

About the Tenzi Card Deck

While the Tenzi game itself is fun, the Tenzi card deck ($9.95) enhances the many ways you can play and enjoy Tenzi. If you’re going to buy the Tenzi game, I highly suggest that you buy the Tenzi card game, 77 Ways to Play Tenzi, because it will bring you even more enjoyment and different ways to use the dice to play.

Each card suggests a different way to play Tenzi.

FILMZI–“Quote a line from a movie after each roll.”

OPPOSITEZI–“Roll a TENZI, then immediately roll another TENZI with the number on the opposite side of the dice.  (For example, if the first TENZI is all 4’s, the opposite TENZI would be all 3’s.)”

EQUALZI–“Roll four dice, count the number they add up to, then roll the same number with the six remaining dice.”

RE-ROLLZI–“Anyone can shout ‘re-roll’ at any point and everyone has to start over.  ‘Re-roll’ can only be called once.”

We’ve played Tenzi by itself and using the cards to come up with fun variations, and we haven’t even come close to using all of the cards and different variations.  The cards keep this game fresh and new.  It’s like 78 different games in one!

Why We Love Tenzi

Of course, the first reason we love Tenzi is that it’s a fun game we can all play.

Also, the games go quickly, so you don’t have to dedicate 30 to 60 minutes to play this game, as you may have to with other games.  (Don’t be surprised if you play Tenzi for that long, though.  It can be addictive!)

Another reason I love Tenzi is that it makes my little ones learn math and reinforces what they already know.

The Tenzi game and Tenzi card deck are part of Timberdoodle’s 2nd grade curriculum kit!


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