Last fall I heard about Amy Lynn Andrews’ eBook, Tell Your Time, and knew I had to get it.  This short book (27 pages), helped my husband and I implement a schedule together to make sure the most important thing to both of us, our family, is our priority.

Before reading this book, we would spend the evenings hard at work, sitting side by side at our computers, he working on his dissertation, I working on blogging or staff writing posts.  While we were in the same room with each other, we spent very little time talking.  After reading Tell Your Time, we sat down and made a schedule which included a few minutes of talking time each night before we began working and two nights a week to have a date night or at least an hour or so to catch up. 

While I am still not perfect at time management, this book has definitely helped us keep our priorities straight.

For those of you who may have been interested in this book but could not spend the $12 for it, it is now on sale for $2!!  Amy has a revised version of this book coming out on August 1st, so for the next week, she is selling it for $2.  Make sure to use the discount code 2BUCKS!

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