This summer, I am going to be prepared for the hot weather and the thirsty family members that come with it. Smoothies are the perfect option for those who want a really tasty drink that is healthy as well. Put ice in them and they cool you down and put some ground up flax seeds in and they can even be a great substitute for breakfast, if you are feeling like you should detox.

You can dish out smoothies when you have friends round, or you can sip on one while you play card games. You can put any variation of ingredients in the blender and whiz it up to make a delicious, unique drink. So let’s get started.

A standard recipe calls for a chopped up banana, a handful of raspberries, a handful of blueberries and some apple juice. If you do not have a dairy intolerance then plain yogurt is the next ingredient to add. However if you can’t eat it, like me, you can thicken up your smoothie by adding an extra banana.

Put all of these ingredients into a blender and whiz until it has a smooth consistency. On a hot day, add some crushed ice and you will have a wonderful way of cooling down. If you want your smoothies to be more substantial, you can add ground up flax seeds. These have many healthy properties, such as omega-3, fiber and antioxidant protection. If you purchase a small nut-grinding machine, grind up about a tablespoonful and blend it with your smoothie, you’ll find that you stay fuller for longer and that it is a wholly more satisfying drink.

Of course, you can add many other things to your smoothies, such as strawberries, cranberries and other fruits. You could try a different fruit juice each time and find out what you prefer, so get experimenting and enjoy tasting your creations.

What is your favorite flavor of smoothie?

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