194452054_49593168f5This summer there is a lot I want to accomplish.  There are so many things I want to do to treat my blog more like a business, but I also have to prepare to homeschool for the first time in the fall.  And I want to spend more time with my family doing fun things.  So, I’m creating this bucket list to keep me on task. I don’t want to get to the end of August and wonder where all the time went!

Here are the things I’d like to accomplish this summer.  Yes, you can call me a crazy dreamer.


Create a newsletter for my blog

Post to Fiscal Phoenix at least once a week.

Have my site redesigned so it’s mobile friendly

Develop an editorial calendar for August through December

Get caught up on my reviews and giveaways

Write at least 25 posts ahead for those busy fall, homeschooling days

Comment on the blogs I follow at least 3 times a week

Clean up my e-mail accounts and computer files


Register Bookworm

Buy Bookworm’s books

Find more free curriculum for the girls

Create independent work for each child to do when I’m working one-on-one with another child

Organize our homeschool room and move our play area to the living room

Plan our homeschool year and daily calendar

Find a babysitter (Our current one is leaving to go to grad school, which is too bad because she’s wonderful!)

Continue to work with the girls on ABCMouse.com


Attend at least two festivals or other events with the family

Go to the blueberry fields to pick

Can blueberry jam and syrup

Take the kids to the zoo at least once

For now, that’s my list.  As I think of more, I’ll add to them.  I’ll also update this post every two weeks or so to keep myself accountable.  🙂

Do you write a summer bucket list?  If so, what’s on yours?

Photo courtesy of eschipul via flickr.com

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