How do you stretch your grocery dollars? I know some people do an excellent job trimming the grocery budget with coupons. I am trying to work on that, but I have not had that much success. I am not a coupon maven.

To try to make up for that, I have routinely found ways to stretch the food I buy. For instance, during my freezer cooking bout this weekend, I had several chicken dishes on the menu. I bought 3 packages of chicken for $1.99 a pound. Each package had roughly 6 chicken breasts in it. We need 4 chicken breasts per meal. Since I bought 3 packages, I had 18 chicken breasts, or enough for 4.5 typical meals. I stretched this buy cutting each chicken breast in half lengthwise, giving me a much thinner cut of meat. Then I was able to stretch those 18 chicken breasts into 9 meals instead of 4.5. As long as I serve the meal with a starch and a veggie or two, we don’t miss the extra meat.

Likewise, when I was making Tuscan Bean Soup, the recipe called for 8 cups of chicken stock. We are a bit sensitive to the taste of salt, so I simply added 4 cups of broth and 4 cups of water. We didn’t notice any adverse taste in flavor.

While I am no coupon maven, I am doing my best to stretch the basic ingredients I buy to lower our grocery bill overall. What tricks do you use to save money feeding your family?

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