Bookworm and I both loved The Story of the World when we looked at history books.  In the end, I decided we should go with Sonlight’s Core D, American History Part 1, but I still couldn’t part with The Story of the World, Volume 3, so we are also covering that.

We started history and literature for the first month using The Story of the World, Volume 3.

Here are the things we’ve done for each chapter:

Chapter 1: A World of Empires

We covered this chapter fairly quickly, in one week, and we didn’t supplement much.  However, we did read aloud I, Juan de Pareja, a book that both of us enjoyed immensely.

Then we looked at several web resources about the painter, Diego Velazquez:

ibiblio’s entry for Diego Velazquez

Discovery Education’s The History of Western Art, Volume 3 (a segment about Velazquez)

Chapter 2: Protestant Rebellion

I realized, as I read these chapters with my son, that I, myself, never had a world history class.  In Chapter 2, both Bookworm and I were interested in Mary Queen of Scots’ story.  I know we only got part of the story in Story of the World, so I plan on learning a bit more myself.

However, we did delve deeper into the subject with these activities:


Mary, Queen of Scots: Queen without a Country

You Wouldn’t Want to Be Mary, Queen of Scots: A Ruler Who Really Lost Her Head!


Mary, Queen of Scots  Just for fun we watched this You Tube video set to the tune of Jenny from the Block that quickly covers Mary, Queen of Scots life.  Bookworm loved this and asked to see it several times.

Chapter 3: James, King of Two Countries

We spent two weeks on this chapter and did a variety of activities, readings, and movie viewings.


Made pottage (a soup from a 1615 cookbook.  The recipe was in The Story of the World Activity Book.)  Surprisingly, everyone liked the meal!


My America: Our Strange New Land: Elizabeth’s Jamestown Colony Diary, Book One

My America: The Starving Time: Elizabeth’s Jamestown Colony Diary, Book Two

My America: Season of Promise: Elizabeth’s Jamestown Colony Diary, Book Three

You Wouldn’t Want to Be an American Colonist

Movie Viewings

Disney’s Pocahontas (and compared it to the actual events)

National Geographic: Nightmare in Jamestown

We’re taking a break from the Story of the World to delve deeper into American history, but in a few weeks we’ll be back to SOTW, and I’ll share what we’re up to then.

Do you use Story of the World?  If so, which resources do you use?

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