0d7fb95c741c4acdbde4e08456bc6562I’ve written on the blog about the health issues I’ve had including leaky gut and over 55 food intolerances.  I was healing slowly following the Paleo diet.  In fact, in September, 2013, I had improved so much that I was down to just 35 food intolerances, 8 of those which were for various dairy products that I never expect or want to put back in my diet.  I really felt like I was on my way to completely restoring my health.

And then, well, I got stupid.  I relaxed my diet.  And what followed was a major downward spiral.

It started last April when I had some of my daughter’s birthday cake.  Then I started eating dairy free chocolate more often.  Soon, chips entered my diet.  Then by the fall, I was eating gluten free bread (typically my gluten free banana bread).  Then, I went to allergen free jelly beans and allergen free cupcakes.

I knew I was spiraling out of control.  Slowly, over about 9 months, I gained back 28 pounds.  (I’m still down 55 pounds from when I started the journey to regain my health, but still!)

And then I started having the symptoms I had before when I had a chronic yeast overgrowth.  When I went in for my food intolerance test in February, I asked that they also test for an intestinal yeast overgrowth.  I was not surprised at all when the results came back–I have a chronic, acute yeast overgrowth internally.

My intolerances?  I back up to 50 intolerances, though many of them are mild.  My doctor looked at the results and simply said, “You have leaky gut.”

The Plan of Attack

So, after this huge step backward, what is the plan of attack?

1.  Follow an anti-candida diet

For the first month, I will only eat meat, some healthy fats, and non-starchy vegetables.  I’m expecting a rough two weeks as I get used to not having sugar, grains, or starchy vegetables and any fruit.  (Goodbye, beloved sweet potatoes!)  Plus, I expect this will be the time I will experience yeast die-off and all the fun symptoms that go with it.

2.  Take supplements to heal

I’ll be taking a probiotic as well as Sacharomyces.  I’ll also continue taking digestive enzymes, Vitamin D, and magnesium.

3.  Take an anti-fungal

I’ll be taking Nystatin for three months.

4.  Take a supplement to heal my leaky gut

I’ll be taking GI Revive to help heal my leaky gut.

Well, there you have it.  My one month anti-candida plan as well as all the other steps I’ll be taking.  I’ll stay on the anti-candida diet plan for 3 months, though after the first month I’ll be able to add in some more foods.  Making it through the first month will be the most challenging.

Have you had a yeast overgrowth or leaky gut?  If so, how long did your recovery take?

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