A few months ago when I was looking for a way to teach my daughters at home, I happened upon ABCMouse.com.  We’ve now been using ABCMouse.com for almost 3 months, and my youngest has even graduated from the Toddler Time program.


I love the program as do my girls, and best of all I can see that they are learning, a lot!  (See my full review of ABCMouse.com.)

ABCMouse.com normally is $7.95 per month, but for a limited time, they are offering 4 months free!  Pay $59, and you’ll get ABCMouse.com for the entire year.  That breaks down to $4.91 per month.

To get to the special offer, join ABCMouse.com for one free month.  Then, in the parents section, on the left hand side of the menu near the bottom, you’ll see “Upgrade My Account–Get 2 Months Free”.  Click on that, and you’ll see the special offer of ABCMouse.com for one year for $59.  Best of all, you can register up to 3 children for this one flat rate.

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