a47e086ba0b346e8ae16777cf3f1c007A variety of delicious soups such as broccoli cheddar or a classic tomato soup can be quickly and easily made by using a blender, see Vitality4Life.com. Even applesauce is easy to create by the quart at home with the help of a blender. Many people have trouble processing hot ingredients in a blender, and curiously enough, there is a logical explanation.

Why Does My Blender Always Explode?

The molecules of liquid move much faster when heated than at room temperature or below, which is why coffee is much more likely to spill than a colder beverage. Left unattended, the steam in a blender full of hot ingredients will build pressure within the vessel, leading to a risk of explosive venting.

As a result, many attempts to process hot ingredients with a blender end up in a mess or worse, burns to an unfortunate cook. Fortunately, reliably mixing hot ingredients in a blender is a matter of having the right equipment and using it correctly, as a high quality blender is typically designed with more heat protection and tighter seals at the jar.

Do it the Right Way

To process hot ingredients with a blender, you’ll need a blender featuring a top lid with a feeding hole as well as a clean kitchen towel. Add the hot ingredients to the blender jar until it is one-third full, working in batches if you have significantly more material to process. Filling the jar significantly higher than this increases the chance that the liquid will explode from the jar during blending.

Next, remove the center cap of the blender lid and set it aside before placing the lid on the jar.Fold the clean kitchen towel until it is slightly larger than the blender lid, then hold it over the opening for the center cap to allow steam to escape while keeping the blended material inside.

When the lid is securely on, hold the lid down with the kitchen towel and begin to blend on the lowest speed, gradually increasing as needed. Repeat until all material is blended to desired consistency.

Many hot food recipes will call for use of an immersion mixer to prevent the common mishaps that result from placing them in a blender, but preparing hot foods with a blender can be easy for a knowledgeable cook and can deliver a much smoother finished product. There is simple science to explain the source of the difficulty, and fortunately the solution to the problem is even simpler.


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