The Christmas holiday is just 8 short weeks away.  Hard to believe!  One of my goals is to pay no more than $200 for Christmas out of pocket.  This amount is for my mom, my three kids, my husband, and our two nephews.  How do I plan to do it?  Well, I have a number of creative strategies I will share in this series.  I want to kick off the series with ways to get holiday gifts for free.

–A fun little way that may or may not actually yield presents–join Huggies Enjoy the Ride program.   Even if you don’t have a little one in diapers, you can earn points to redeem by watching videos, taking polls or entering codes.

I frequently check Freebies4Mom for Huggies codes for 1 to 5 points.  If you do have a little one in diapers, make sure to look for the offer code.  This code doubles your points.  So, if you enter the code for one pack of diapers, which may yield 13 points, add in an offer code and now your points have doubled to 26.  You can find current offer codes at Retail Me Not.

Huggies Enjoy the Ride currently has a sweepstakes offer for $5,000!  They also have instant win games for a $10 Visa card, $10 Starbucks card, $15 Barnes and Noble card, and a $10 gas card.  In the past I have won a $25 gas card, a $25 Kohl’s gift card, and an On Top of Spaghetti book for my son.

–Take advantage of Paperback Swap.   As I am continuing to declutter, I am finding many books that I no longer need or want.  I have them listed on Paperback Swap.  I have accumulated some credits on my account, and I plan to use some of them for books for Christmas presents.  My son is becoming quite a good reader, so I may redeem some points here for him.

–Use Swagbucks as your primary search engine.  I have managed to accumulate over 6,400 points on Swagbucks.  A $5 Amazon gift card is 450 Swagbucks.  I have enough for 14 of them or $70.  I am planning on buying my daughter the Little Pim Japanese language DVD and for my son the Little Pim Spanish language DVD.   If you have accumulated some Swagbucks, make sure to redeem them sooner than later.  Only 5 of the same type can be redeemed in a month, and no more than two a week.

If you haven’t joined Swagbucks yet, join now.  Through regular Internet searching you should be able to earn at least enough points for $5 to $10 in Amazon gift cards by next month.  Last month I earned 628 Swagbucks, and the month before I earned 932.  That was enough for three $5 Amazon gift cards, just by searching the Internet as usual.

–Enter blog giveaways.  Again, this may or may not yield gifts, but it is free to try.  I wrote a post on some of the ways to increase your odds of winning blog giveaways.  I don’t enter them frequently, but I did win a planner that I love one time.

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