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When my first daughter was little, she was often sick, so I was very busy tending to her and my 4.5 year old.  While I had almost exclusively fed my son homemade, organic baby food, I found myself too busy most of the time to make it with my daughter.  The few times I did make her homemade baby food, she refused it, so I gave up rather easily and kept feeding her jarred food.  I don’t know if there is any correlation, but she is still much pickier than her brother ever was.

Now that our second daughter is starting on solids, I am determined not to make the mistake I did with my first daughter by only feeding her jar baby food.  That’s why I was delighted to hear about the So Easy Baby Food Kit.  This kit, which would be great for any parent learning to make baby food for the first time or any parent looking to brush up, contains everything you need to make your own baby food including:

-a cookbook (Personalized Guide to Making Baby Food at Home),
-2 sets of ice cube trays with lids for freezing the baby food,
-a How to Make Baby Food DVD and
-a lamenated Fresh Baby Nutrition and Food Tips

Fresh Baby was started in 2002 by two sisters, Joan Ahlers and Cheryl Tallman, who wanted to feed their babies natural, unprocessed foods.  Through experimentation, they realized they could create fresh, homemade baby food for their babies in just 30 minutes a week, which is what their system promises.

Fresh Baby has been recognized in several venues:

Selected by Entrepreneur Magazine as a “Hot Company to watch in 2004”, Fresh Baby is a company on the move. It’s approach, expertise, and thinking has been tapped by major media outlets, including The Daily Buzz, Fit Pregnancy, Organic Style, Scholastic Parent & Child, The Boston Globe, The Detroit Free Press, and many other print, radio and TV outlets. Fresh Baby has an iParenting award and was one of five finalists in the new product awards at the 2004 Natural Products Show.

The heart of their system is that you should be able to make food for your baby in only 30 minutes every week. Their cookbook is organized by baby’s age and what foods it is acceptable for baby to eat at that age. Each food has its own page along with directions on how to prepare, cook, puree and freeze it.  There are also places where you can note what day it was first introduced to baby and make any notes about baby’s reaction.

In addition, the beginning of the cookbook includes the following helpful sections (among others):

-Dietary Essentials for Your Baby’s Diet
-Making and Serving Fresh Baby Food
-Safety Basics
-Food Choices
-Fresh Baby [food] To Go
-Managing Your Time–30 Mintues Per Week Is All Fresh Baby Takes

The baby food trays are BP-A and phthalate-free, and one cube is one serving for baby.  They are made in the USA.

The only thing I wish they would have included in this system is instructions for making your baby’s own grains.  When my son was little, I ground up his grains and he ate that for breakfast well into toddlerhood.

If you have a little one I highly recommend this system.  It takes all of the guesswork out of making baby food and gives you all of the steps (and tools) you need to prepare your baby’s food in 30 minutes a week.  (For further information, you can check out this You Tube video I created to show how easy it is.)

I received one So Easy Baby Food Kit for review purposes.  (Thank you Fresh Baby!)  I received no other compensation for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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