If your kids are like mine and love to create art, I’m delighted to share a new art program that is perfect for giving the kids something to do on Thanksgiving break and the upcoming Christmas break.  I’m pleased to share a Simplified Classes review and discount code.

What Is Simplified Classes?

Simplified Classes is a series of classes created by Emily Lex.  Her goal is to “awaken and foster a creativity in women during all seasons of life.”  Emily Lex offers several classes including:

Watercolor for Kids (for ages 6 to 12)

Simplified Classes Review and Discount Code

Simplified Watercolor (for adults and older kids)

Simplified Watercolor

Simplified Penmanship

Simplified Graphic Design

Simplified Photos

What’s the Discount Code?

Between today and December 1st, you can get 25% off Watercolor for Kids or Simplified Watercolor using my code, MELISSA25.

About Watercolor for Kids

Simplified Classes Review and Discount Code

Watercolor for Kids is designed for children ages 6 to 12; you can watch the instructional video with your kids, or they can watch by themselves and create their art.  Each lesson is about 20 to 30 minutes long.

We began with the adorable reindeer that is included as a Christmas bonus for this class.  The lesson was approximately 20 minutes long, and my girls took about one hour and fifteen minutes to create their masterpieces.

Simplified Classes Review and Discount Code

They both thought the instructor was clear and easy to follow and explained every process step-by-step, so there was no frustration.  (I loved that!)  Cuddle Bug surprised me by finishing the entire lesson and asking to do another one immediately afterward.

Watercolor for Kids Class

Don’t you think their reindeer turned out adorable!  I love that the instructor guided them through the process, but that they felt the freedom to make their reindeer uniquely their own.

The girls then went on to another lesson in the program, Royal Pets.  Here is one of the girl’s final painting:

Simplified Classes Review and Discount Code

What We Loved About Watercolor for Kids

So far, we’ve only had the chance to try Watercolor for Kids, but my daughters are very enthusiastic and eager to create more art.  In fact, after we finished the reindeer and then the royal pet, they asked me to email Emily Lex and ask her when she’d release more classes.  (She hopes to release more, but there is no firm date yet.)

Another feature I love is that the supplies for this course are so inexpensive!  All we needed were watercolors and a watercolor pad of paper, things we already had at home!

Simplified Watercolor

I plan to get Simplified Watercolor for Bookworm to use over Christmas break.  I think I’ll sit down with him to try a few paintings myself!

Final Thoughts

Whether your kids homeschool or attend school, keep them happily occupied this holiday season with Watercolor for Kids or Simplified Watercolor.  Don’t forget to use the discount code MELISSA25 to get 25% off!  Happy painting!