501f24a6ff4e4520953ec6a8f78ebeaeIt is a cruel world for women. You study hard, get into a good college and eventually go on to have a very successful career. Then you find the man of your dreams and you get married. All your dreams have come true when you learn that you are expecting your first child, then your second child. You love your children, but with two of them to care for, it is a little difficult to work.

You feel guilty about not being there during their developmental years and after much soul-searching, you decide to become a stay-at-home mom. For the first few years, everything goes swimmingly well, but your children grow up. They become independent and they no longer need you. Since they are spreading their wings, you now have enough time to start working. You are wondering whether you will be able to work full-time or part-time. Before you start worrying, you should know that most mothers go back to work part-time after their children are born.

Catalyst.org points out that more than 38.8 percent of mothers were under the age of 35 when they left their work for family. However, 79.2 percent returned to full-time or part-time work successfully after delivery. More than 43.9 percent of these mothers also worked for fewer hours so that they could spend time with their children. As a result, you do have the choice of working from home through your own employer, or through a related profession.

How Do You Start? 

  • Approach your employers – With the economy just recovering, there is a very good chance that companies are hiring again. However, to hedge their bets, most companies will not be paying pre-recession salaries. A very good idea will be to approach the company you were already working with pre-pregnancy and ask for a part-time job. As a previous employee, you will be better suited for any internal job and your resume will get preference. Most companies offer a work-from-home option or a part-time option, which will be very helpful for you.
  • Starting your own business – Sometimes approaching your previous employers may not work. In that case, you should consider working from home or setting up your own business. Here is what you can do.

o    Assess your personal skills – Finding a job depends on the skills you already have. For example, lawyers can find legal transcription jobs, proof reading jobs, or document making jobs that are based on their unique skills while health professionals can find part-time health care jobs, medical writing jobs, and more. If you have a particular skill, rest assured you will find a job or business that will pay you for it.

o    Apply for a job – There are thousands of work-from-home websites or affiliate websites in which you can apply for a job,. For example, if you were a receptionist before pregnancy, you can apply for a virtual assistant job through employment bureaus.

o    Set up your own business – For special niche skills, it may become necessary to set up your own website and sell your own products. For example, antique refurbishment, language classes, auto detailing, bed and breakfast, baby-sitting, and pet walking jobs can be done from your home with a small eCommerce website. You can purchase a receipt print from an esteemed company like Shopify to print them for the customers.

  • Determine funding – If you are seriously invested in setting up your business, you will require funding. A small business that provides services will not require extensive funding but if you plan to sell a product, you will have to find official funding. Most people use the help of friends and family to fund their first business and it usually does work.
  • Advertise your product – Being social is the best way to promote your product. For example, if you plan to work as a medical transcriptionist or a legal transcriptionist, it’s a good idea to start advertising through your website. Pre-launch advertising will increase awareness about your services and people may send inquiries before your website is even up. Social media is the best way to do this, and almost every freelancer or large company uses Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to promote themselves online.
  • Always use local customers – Local customers are a great way to increase your business. No matter which type of product you want to sell, create business cards or pamphlets and place them with local businesses to advertise your services.

With the economy picking up, there are full-time job options open for work-from-home-mothers. However, transitioning into the market after a three- to five-year gap is a little difficult and most women prefer part-time or work-from-home options. Whether it is getting back in to the workforce or trying to make ends meet, working from home is now an extremely lucrative option provided you have the necessary skills.

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