This post contains affiliate links.  I’ve been a ButcherBox customer for several years, and I enjoy the service.  However, over the last year, I haven’t placed many ButcherBox orders because money was tight and then I didn’t know if we would move or not.  However, whenever ButcherBox had sales, I added the meat to my cart.  That strategy, which I’ll explain further, is how I saved money on ButcherBox this year.

Fill the Cart with Sales

Whenever ButcherBox had a sale on meat (and they have sales frequently), I put the cuts I wanted in my cart.  However, I didn’t check out.  Instead, I kept adding sales throughout the year and pushing back my delivery date.

I ended up putting the first sale in my cart in October, 2021.  I didn’t actually place my order until October, 2022!  By the time I was ready to place an order, I had over $5,000 worth of meat in my cart!!  Of course, I didn’t want to place an order that large, but I did want to place a large one because I don’t yet know a farmer to purchase beef directly from him.

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How I Saved Money On ButcherBox

I sat down and made a list of all the items in my cart arranged by type of protein (beef, chicken, pork, and fish).  I then separated it out into different cuts.  Because I had put multiple sales in my cart, I had different prices for the same type of meat.  For instance, I had Nieman Ranch pulled pork in my cart.  Some was on sale for $6.50, some for $5.50, and some for $5.33.  I decided how many pulled porks I wanted to buy and then I eliminated the ones that were for the higher price.

Thanks to the rapid rate of inflation this year, items that I put in my cart last fall and winter were much cheaper than I could buy them in October, 2022.

I ended up spending $1253 on this order.  We will try to stretch this over the next nine to twelve months.

Our ButcherBox Order

How I Saved Money on Our ButcherBox Order


A Turkey

We ordered a 14 to 18 pound turkey for $55.  (I think ours was just shy of 16 pounds.)

A Ham

We also ordered our Christmas ham.  This was 8 pounds and cost $32, or $4 per pound.

How We Saved on ButcherBox

Beef Stew Meat

We got 3 pounds of beef stew meat, but I’m not exactly sure how much this was because it was part of our Custom Classic box of 6 cuts of meat for $169.  (You must buy the Custom Classic box before you can buy the sales and add-ons, which make up the rest our order.)

4 Bottom Round Roasts

These roasts are 2.25 pounds and three of them were $12 each.  The fourth came with our Custom Classic box, so I’m not sure how much it breaks down to individually.

1 Eye of Round Roast

This roast is 2 pounds and $14.

20 Pounds 90/10 Grass-Fed Burger

I found this to be a great deal!  The burger was $5.50 a pound.  I currently find 100% grass-fed 90/10 ground beef for $8 or more per pound at the grocery store.

2 Chuck Roasts

At 2.25 pounds each, these were $16.  We love chuck roast and have missed it since we haven’t been able to buy a 1/4 side of beef directly from the farmer lately.

Top Sirloin Steak

These also came with our Custom Classic Box, so I’m not sure how much they are.

How We Saved Money on ButcherBox This Year

10 Pounds Wild-Caught Salmon

My husband wants to eat fish once or twice a week, so I made sure to stock up on that.  We got 10 pounds of wild-caught salmon for $95, which breaks down to $9.50 a pound.

12 Pounds Salmon Patties

These salmon patties make a healthy, easy go-to meal on busy nights.  We got 12 pounds for $96, which makes them $8 per pound.

How We Saved Money on ButcherBox This Year

24 Pounds Wild-Caught Cod

I love making homemade cod fish patties, so we’ll be using the fish for that plus eating it by itself.  The 24 pounds cost us $160, making this fish $6.67 a pound.

How I Saved Money on ButcherBox This Year

3 Whole Organic Chickens

I would have liked to have bought more of these because we also use the bones for homemade chicken broth, but I didn’t have the space to get more.  These were on sale for $7.50 per chicken.

6 – 1.67 Pounds of Chicken Drumsticks

I can find chicken at a reasonable price both from Trader Joe’s and Misfits Market, so I didn’t buy too much of that.  Each pack of 3, which is 5 pounds, cost $9, so they were $1.80 a pound.

How I Saved Money on ButcherBox

19 Boxes of Pulled Pork

These ranged in price from one I got for free to the rest I got at $5.33 each.  Currently, I find these in the store for anywhere from $9 to $11 a package.

16 Packages of Pork Chops

I got these pork chops for $5 per pound.

How I Saved Money on ButcherBox This Year

10 Pounds of Ground Pork

This was another great deal!  If I had more freezer room, I would have bought more!  Ground pork for $4 per pound.  Yes, please!

10 Pounds Breakfast Sausage

I have a lot of food intolerances, so I appreciate that ButcherBox’s breakfast sausage is full of clean ingredients!  We got 10 pounds for $42, or $4.20 a pound.

4 Pounds Ground Italian Sausage & 4 Pounds Pork Sirloin Roast

The ground Italian sausage was coupled with 4 pounds of pork sirloin roast in a sale.  I got the 8 pounds for $30, or $3.75 per pound.


I got one bacon for free since I have free bacon for life with my box.  The other package of bacon was $1 because ButcherBox was running a special at that price for boxes that ship in October.

How I Saved Money on ButcherBox This Year

5 Pork Tenderloins

These 14 oz. tenderloins were $8 each.

2.8 Pounds St. Louis Ribs

This was $12, and I got it especially for my husband, who loves ribs.

2.5 Pounds Baby Back Ribs

Again, these were for my husband and were $16.

2 Boneless Pork Butts

I got one with my Custom Classic box, and the other was $17.  We love to use this meat for homemade pulled pork and for Chili Verde Soup.

Pork Sirloin Roasts

I got another six pounds of pork sirloin roasts for $3.75 per pound.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t mean to delay nearly a year from one ButcherBox order to the next, but doing so turned out to be a smart move.  I was able to continuously add deals to my cart, and then when I was ready to order, I could compare prices and only buy the best deals.  This is the simple way I saved money on ButcherBox this year.  If you would like to employ this strategy, keep in mind that ButcherBox generally has some great sales November through January.

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