I stopped by several garage sales and found several great deals.  I bought:

  • pink dress shoes for PB & J Girl for 50 cents,
  • shorts for my husband, $1 a piece.  I bought him 4 pairs,
  • binders for 50 cents each (I was going to go to the store this weekend to buy some new as I needed them for homeschooling, so this purchase alone saved me at least $5),
  • dress shoes for my husband for $5,
  • two books for Bookworm for Christmas for 50 cents each

This week we heard about POW WOW (Produce on Wheels without Waste) and decided to check it out.  For $10, we got 20 worth of produce.  (We could have gotten even more, but I wasn’t sure what I would do with so much zucchini!)


The weather finally cooled a bit, so I went through the kids’ summer clothes.  Bookworm has three pairs of jeans, two of them very big in the waist.  I considered ordering him some more, but since I don’t know how long the cold season lasts here, we decided to skimp by with the three pairs of jeans.  I’m guessing we’ll be back in shorts in March.

I’m guessing there are more frugal things that we did this week, but it was a busy week and I forgot to write things down, so, well, this is all I’ve come up with for now!




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