Does your homeschool have a routine?  I know some homeschoolers embrace the flexibility that homeschooling can offer, but others, like our family, need a routine.

When we have a routine, the kids complain less.  They know what they need to do and when.

Losing Our Routine

When we don’t have a routine, they don’t want to work.  They tend to be a bit lazy.  Even I feel a bit out of sorts with what I should be doing.

Unfortunately, our routine has gone completely off the rails the last two months.  It started because grandma was in town for an extended stay to help after my foot surgery.  Then I got post-operative pneumonia.  I had just started to recover from that when the girls got influenza.  Then, a few days later, I got influenza.  Then, a few days later, my husband got influenza.  Only Bookworm escaped unscathed.

Now we’re all well and finally ready to develop a new routine.

Creating a New Routine

Our routines only usually last for a season, both figuratively and metaphorically.  Summer here in Arizona is beastly hot, so we tend to knock out a lot of school work from mid-May to mid-September.  We also tend to spend a lot of time at home, which is conducive to a lot of schooling.

This summer will be different because we’ll have multiple therapy appointments a week for our high functioning autistic child.  That does make creating a schedule challenging, but that’s just the season that we’re in.

Within the next week we’ll have all of our therapy sessions scheduled, and then we can make our schedule.

The Nuts and Bolts of a Successful Routine

Once we have the therapy sessions scheduled, I’ll set up a routine that works best for our family.  I’ll set up routines for

  • chores,
  • school assignments
  • free time

When I set up our chore chart, I will include chores for all three kids and for myself.  All of us will likely do three chores a day.

We’ll also have a loose schedule for school.  We tried before to schedule things out like brick and mortar school–8 a.m. English, 8:30 math, but that just didn’t work for us.  Our usual routine is that Bookworm works independently while I work with the girls.  When the girls have a break or are playing, I work with Bookworm.  That is the kind of schedule we’ll try to create around therapy sessions.

Relaxing is also important, so we’ll make sure that there is plenty of relaxing time.

I’ll keep you posted as we start to put these routines in place.

Do you have a fairly structured routine to your days, or do you prefer a more laid back approach?

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