While I have lamented several times that spending a few days making freezer meals is not one of my favorite activities, I absolutely love being able to just pull a meal from the freezer on the rest of the days of the month. To try to make my freezer cooking days easier, I focus on six to eight meals to prepare for the month.

While this makes my freezer cooking days a bit easier, it does create a bit of a problem. Each of us gets bored eating the same foods over and over again. To eat the same meal once a week for four weeks would lead to rebellion from both me and my son. My husband would do it, but he would be less than satisfied.

The solution for us is to not eat all of the freezer meals made in one month. I save some so that they are new to us a few months later. For instance, in March I made meatballs and turkey croquettes. We still have a serving left of each. Now that my freezer is stocked with burritos from this month’s cooking day, I will occasionally serve some of March’s freezer meals, such as the turkey croquettes, to give us variety.

Last September, I made Hamburger Soup for a freezer meal. I made 4 batches. Then I found out I was pregnant and morning sickness struck. For all 9 months, tomatoes and bbbq sauce type items were repulsive to me. I served the Hamburger Soup a few times during pregnancy, but I couldn’t even stand the smell. Last night I pulled out the last package of Hamburger Soup. (I do not advocate keeping freezer meals around for 9 months and wouldn’t have done so, had it not been for pregnancy.) My son didn’t even remember that he had eaten the meal before and proclaimed it was delicious. He wanted to make sure there were leftovers to have again tonight.

Rotating and saving some of our meals works to keep us all satisfied.

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