This post contains affiliate links.  A few years ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing Andrew Huff’s first book in the Shepherd Suspense trilogy, A Cross to Kill.  Now, I have the pleasure of reviewing Right Cross by Andrew Huff, the last book in the trilogy.  This book is every bit as fast-paced as the first book, and it nicely closes out the series.

Right Cross by Andrew Huff

About Right Cross

Although this is the last book in the trilogy, you can easily pick it up if you haven’t read the other two books in the series.

This time, the book opens with John Cross looking like he has left behind his Christian lifestyle.  He is caught on video tape trying to attack Member of Parliament Spencer Lakeman.  The attempt failed, and now Cross is in a notorious British prison.  When his former girlfriend, Christine, tries to visit him there, she’s shocked by his insistence that he doesn’t want to see her and that he’s not the same person she used to know.

Christine can’t imagine Cross has changed so dramatically, but what other answer could there be?

In the next few days, both Christine and Cross’ have their world turned upside down.  They will take a trek to the United States.  Christine’s life will be on the line, and Cross and his friends at the CIA will have to stop a devastating attack on America.  Can they do it?

My Thoughts on Right Cross

Right Cross by Andrew Huff

Like the other book I read, A Cross to Kill, this book is packed full of action.  If you love fast-paced thrillers, you will enjoy this book.  However, the one negative I have in this book is that John Cross repeatedly found himself in life-threatening situations, and yet he always managed to escape, all without shooting anyone because he no longer believes in injuring or killing others to protect himself.  The first few times Cross eeked out of these types of situations, I believed it, but as this continued, I found Cross’ luck and skill a bit too unbelievable.

Beyond that plot weakness, this book was a great way to end the trilogy.  However, Huff has already planned his next book featuring Cross’ co-worker, Guin.  So, even though Cross’ story is done, Huff will be writing more books with the characters readers have grown to know and love.

I give Right Cross by Andrew Huff 4 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

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