Nearly six years ago, before the birth of my first child, we received a pack and play playpen that came with a bassinet and a changing table. Once my son outgrew the bassinet, we took the little changing table that attached to the top of the play pen and put it on our bed and used this to change him on.

We did not want a changing table as furniture because we live in an apartment and did not have room for it. My son used the changing table from the play pen for three years, until he was potty trained.

A year and a half later, we pulled it out again when my daughter was born, but it was a bit worse for wear. The vinyl that covered the changing table was getting cracked; my daughter picked at it as she got older and eventually she started pulling out the thin layer of padding. It was in rough shape, and certainly not fit for baby #3 coming soon.

However, I did not want to spend the money on a new changing table. So, I dug out one of our padded playpen sheets and wrapped it around the changing table. It works perfectly. My daughter seems to like it as it is softer, and I am sure it will work for the baby.

A few weeks ago we took advantage of a diaper sale at Babies R Us and received a $15 gift certificate. We used that certificate to buy one more padded playpen sheet to use on the changing table so we will have two to rotate. A nearly free solution!

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