Reusable Kids' Halloween Costumes

This post contains affiliate links.  When my kids were little, I hated paying $20 to $40 for a Halloween costume that would only be used once for a few hours on Halloween nights.  Instead, I tried to find clothes that I could do double duty–act as a Halloween costume on Halloween night, but also be functional, usable clothes that I could continue to use after Halloween.  Here are some of my favorite reusable Halloween costumes that your kids can wear all year long, saving you money and waste.

Halloween Pajamas as Costumes

There are many cute Halloween pajamas that can be used as costumes and then be worn again for months afterward.

When my kids were little, I got them matching Halloween skeleton pajamas.  They all wore them as their Halloween costume:

pajamas for a Halloween costume

Other pajama designs also make excellent Halloween costumes:


Raincoats as Halloween Costumes

When Bookworm was in first grade, he LOVED all things truck.  He got a fire truck rain coat, and he was so happy to wear it has his costume.  He wore that rain coat for about 18 months until he outgrew it, and he didn’t just wear it when it rained; he also used it as his spring and fall jacket.  We definitely got our money’s worth with that rain coat.

rain coat as a Halloween costume

If your kids love comic book heroes, this is an adorable rain coat that truly looks like it could be a Halloween costume.  (I love the matching umbrella!)

reusable Halloween costumes

Baby Snow Suit

PB & J Girl is born in October, so we wanted to take her out with Bookworm for trick or treating, but I definitely didn’t want to buy a Halloween costume for my newborn.  Instead, we found her an adorable baby snow suit that she could use during the winter months, and we had her wear it while we went trick or treating.  She slept through the whole experience, and she got to wear the cute snow suit all year long.

baby snow suits as Halloween costumes

Sleep and Plays

If you live in a warmer area and a snow suit will be too hot, there are always cute footed sleep and plays:

sleep and play as a Halloween costume

If you pair it with an adorable matching hat that you can use throughout the winter, you have a complete baby costume:

These reusable Halloween costumes your kids can wear all year long will save you money AND help your kids look adorable all year long.

What are some of your favorite reusable Halloween costumes?

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