We have always homeschooled through the summer.  My kids need the structure (so do I!), and it’s so hot here in Arizona that we don’t want to go outside much after 9 a.m.  Plus, this year we’re playing catch up from all the time we were off in the spring when I had foot surgery.

While I generally like box curriculums (I love checking off boxes), I am not yet ready to commit to one for our next academic year.  Instead, I pieced together some things for summer schooling for the girls.

Here is what we’re using:

What the Girls Are Using Together


Bookworm has liked the Heroes of History books for a while, but when the girls and I reviewed Clara Barton: Courage Under Fire, I was impressed by how much they enjoyed the story and how much they remembered.

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We had studied Christopher Columbus before my surgery, so I picked the Heroes of History books that follow that time.  The books we chose are in chronological order.  This is a great way to teach the girls about famous people as well as the history of the time these people lived in.

We’ll be reading

  • William Bradford: Plymouth’s Rock
  • William Penn: Liberty and Justice for All
  • Benjamin Franklin: Live Wire
  • George Washington: True Patriot
  • Daniel Boone: Frontiersman


We’re tackling Apologia’s Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day for science.  Our yard gets a lot of birds in the summer, so we’re going to be studying those and learning what type we get.  We’re about 25 pages into this book, and the girls are loving it so far.


I’m hoping that both Cuddle Bug and PB & J Girl will have their Reconciliation and First Communion this fall.  So, we’re using Catholic Heritage Curricula’s Preparing to Receive Jesus.

Individual Subjects – 3rd Grade

All About Reading Level 3

I heard about this program through a Facebook discussion, so I ordered it.  So far we’re four lessons in, and PB & J Girl and I are both learning a lot.  I think this program will fill in the gaps she has in her reading.

All About Spelling Level 1

We have not started this yet.  I’ll start it the week after next, after I feel we’re firmly established with All About Reading Level 3.

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Grade 2

We tried out and finished Grade 1 Math Mammoth, so we’re moving on to grade 2.  We switched over from Math Mammoth from a different curriculum that used a very different approach, which is why we’re behind.

Memoria Press Cursive

PB & J is using Memoria Press’ New American Cursive 2.  So far, so good.

Individual Subjects – 2nd Grade

All About Reading Level 1

Thanks to Cuddle Bug’s speech delay, she’s behind in reading.  She’s also a bit of a reluctant reader.  However, we’re on lesson 4, and she was pleased as could be with herself when she read a story from her book that comes with this level.  I’m hoping this program will be the one that finally turns her into a full-fledged reader.

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Grade 1

We started this in the fall and will hopefully be finishing it up over the summer.  I love the simplicity of this workbook!

I don’t know what curriculum we’ll go with in the fall, but for now, I’m pretty happy with the choices we’ve made for the summer.



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