I’ve put aside the non-fiction World War II book reading marathon I’ve been on to read a book more closely related to the business of blogging.  The book, Real Moms Making Real Money, at Home, in Their Pajamas, and How You Can Too by Stephanie O’Dea is the first book in O’Dea’s The Mommy Blogger Next Door Series.

Stephanie O’Dea started a blog in 2008 with the goal of making one slow cooker meal every day for an entire year and documenting her successes (and failures).  O’Dea had just recently quit her job because her younger daughter was sick all the time.  (She later learned that daughter had Celiac disease.)  O’Dea was desperate to make a living from home, so when she saw The Rachael Ray Show was looking for people to feature, she shot off an e-mail, and then heard nothing.

However, a few weeks later, the Rachael Ray Show did get back to her.  By summer, the show had aired, and O’Dea’s little blog got nearly 50,000 visitors.  A few days later, she was offered her first book deal.

Now, O’Dea is an author of several cookbooks as well as this book about blogging.

Reading O’Dea’s journey from unemployed mom to work at home work entrepreneur was interesting enough, especially since O’Dea’s writing is humorous.

However, the real meat of the book is in the advice she gives to bloggers.  She recommends that all bloggers pick a specific niche, use their own online voice, and determine early how much to share about their personal lives.

As a blogger who chooses not to share identifying photos of my kids or their names, I sometimes feel like I’m in the minority and that it impedes my success, but O’Dea has chosen the same thing, and she’s wildly successful, so there’s hope.  🙂

In addition to giving sound advice about using social media and SEO, she also appeals to moms about work/life balance.  Her take is that work/life balance is difficult when working from home, but you do get to work from home, which is much better than many other women get.

O’Dea is successful in part because she was willing to put herself out there and apply for the Rachael Ray Show.  If you, too, want to watch your business grow, you have to be willing to promote yourself.

This book is the first in a series.  I look forward to reading the rest!

5 out of 5 on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

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